Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The relevant articles are linked everywhere already. Dan Rather and Mary Mapes have continued to develop pseudo-conspiracies aimed squarely at those who helped them regain their integrity. This may sound like a strange portrayal of the relationship between CBS news and the conservative bloggers who brought them down over faked GWBush service records, but it is a pretty accurate one.
Personally, were I to publish such false data, I would be thankful to those who corrected me, and ashamed of my lax verification procedures.
Of course, in most cases, situations such as this are not so simple. Rather et. al. have attempted to turn the debate around by claiming that even though the documents are forged, the accusations are truthful. To address this, most reasonable people would expect proof. This proof has never been offered. There has been proof presented which raise questions about GWBush' service records, but none which claim to answer those questions.
Dan Rather, if I'm ever so lucky as to have you read this, please stand up, thank the various bloggers who set the record straight, and just go on with the work you have done before. 60 minutes has had a good track record of accuracy, and I'm certain you've been part of that. We all screw up, and even if it's with the best of intentions, it deserves acknowledgement of those who set the record straight.
While many cases of mistaken journalism are replete with murky facts, the facts in this case are clear enough, that the charade of blaming the whistle-blower should stop.

PS: If anybody can find sources showing that Rather has shown respect and gratitude to those bloggers involved in correcting his story, I would appreciate the link and link to it here.


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