Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Policies and Principles

I'm going to set out a few principles for this blog, regardless of whether or not anybody ever reads it.
Real political opinions are hard to find. It's often difficult to separate the opinion from its surrounding irony, sarcasm, invectives, and other literary devices.

The purpose of this blog should be unadulterated, serious political opinions. These articles should not be exciting to read, and they should not be written in any kind of a persuasive manner. The ideas presented here should stand on their own. If other blogs should wish to reference these ideas, and/or dress them up in whatever persuasive rhetoric they wish, that is their perogative. But language-based incitement of emotions does not belong here.

This policy reflects the fact that serious political opinions do not require audience manipulation, and to resort to cheap tricks like rhyme and meter cheapens the ideas proposed.

We are extremely serious about our political positions, and we must treat them with the utmost respect.

Perhaps there is better language for this policy. If so, it will need a rewrite.


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