Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dearest De Lay

Many of us have stuck with you, not because we're big fans, but in attribution to the part you played as an aggressive conservative pushing the agenda for discussion forward. No convictions have been made, but the circumstances appear dire.

Whether these charges are true or trumped up, it's time for others to lead. The role of an indictment such as this in politics is a little unclear. Juries, under our system of justice, are expected to give the defendant the benefit of the doubt with the burden of proof placed upon the prosecution.

However politics plays more like roman law, where once charged, you are generally allowed to exonerate yourself. At this point, opinions expecting guilt or innocence are a little immature and preconceived. Unless someone out there knows relevant facts, they might just consider keeping their mind open to the possibility of a trial going either way.

While the posts basically supporting the indictment are probably more bountiful, some opinions are questioning the indictment as being unusually vague.
I hope this trial will be resolved as soon as possible, to limit its damage to an appropriate extent within the political arena.


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