Saturday, October 01, 2005

Legal Mayhem

First of all, it's somewhat suspicious to me that Miller would choose to go to jail, even after a blanket grant of permission for everybody involved to testify to the grand jury. Couple that with the fact that she was violating the law, and now I'm extremely suspicious. To top it all off, there were rounds of negotiations involved in bringing her our of jail. Why would anything like telling the truth and providing evidence to a grand jury investigation require negotiations? Some claim she was negotiating the scope of her testimony with the special prosecutor.
Does this mean she was actually in jail because she did not want to testify about unrelated events? Is this the proper forum for resolving such disputes? Isn't that the job of the presiding judge, not of negotiating lawyers?
Some things I need to know before calling the case in my own mind:

1) What was the resulting content of Miller's 'negotiations'?
2) Have either Libby or Rove admitted to discussing the covert nature of Wilson's wife's employment with the CIA.
3) How large is the area of conflict between the accounts given by all those involved?
4) Was Plame's employment with or role at the CIA common knowledge within gov't circles?

I've seen all of these questions answered in poor form. Until we all know the truth, pouncing to judgement is a little premature.


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