Saturday, October 29, 2005

the next few months

I'm predicting that over the next few months, the administration will continue to make exactly the same statements and speeches it has in the past. Each of these will be heavily scrutinized to pickup the 'post-indictment' change of tenor. There will be no change in tenor, yet the left and the media will invent changes within it.
The primary reason behind this is the wrongful expectation that when faced with your own faults, you must back down. ie, "Now we're caught them red handed doing something bad, they will be forced to apologize and compromise!"
Such "logic" only prevails for those people who are not guided by their own strong principles, but instead seek to adopt those of others as needed.
What we will see in the future from this administration is exactly what we've seen in the past: a commitment to the democratization of the world, and an unyielding rejection of tyranny.


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