Thursday, October 06, 2005

Why or why not the UN?

The most crucial problem facing the UN in its quest for 'moral authority', is that true power is only derived from the people a government hopes to govern, not from the agreement of various dictatorships and oligarchies.
True UN reform would involve worldwide representative elections, a constitution, and commitment to building a bureaucracy to run its institutions.
That's not going to happen in the next fifty years, so we might as well accept that since their precious moral authority can only be granted to it thorugh democracy, they will never have it.

The UN is built on the premise of states being equal. That premise is violated in some cases such as the security council, but for the most part, the UN attempts to treat nations as equivalent, whether they are western democracies, Togolese or Zimbabwean dictatorships, or fascist China. But nation states do not have equal rights, democratic nation states do.


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