Saturday, November 05, 2005

Let's build a wall...

What's sad, is in five years time, our leading antiwar politicians, Kerry, Frist, Dean, (long string of others all calling for timetables and immediate withdrawals) will have their transgressions forgotten. They will quietly stop acknowledging their forceful opposition to reforming Iraq. They will amazingly forget how they tried to abandon Iraq to Al Qaeda when they found the CIA's limitations on intelligence.
I wish they would memorialize their dissent right now. Build a wall, etch all their names on it. Place on it the quote: "We wish to forsake Iraq, because we had flawed intelligence on WMDs in Iraq... because we personally think our leader was disingenuous. For that, iraqis must pay a price." When we look back in five years time and say "Who didn't want Iraq, our #2 democratic ally in the middle east to be democratic?", the answers should be quite clear.

It's just really sad that they're going to whip up the moonbat sentiments, spout incredibly misleading policies about leaving Iraq to the wolves, and then they'll just walk away from it in five years time when reality becomes inconvenient... ah well... that's politics I guess.

A whole lot of this really is the after effects of the vietnam syndrome on the US psyche. Vietnam is the only 'success' story in the leftist cause. It's the only time democracy has been dragged to its knees and forced to repent. And the people who really suffered from this? No, not the tens of thousands of relatives of deceased vietnam era KIA, millions upon millions of vietnamese since have paid for it. But screw 'em.. they're not us, right?,filter.all/pub_detail.asp


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