Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Misinterpreting the riots of Paris


I think this guy is making a very honest misinterpretation... I think he really just doesn't believe strongly enough in democracy and the rule of law. He seems to suggest that only understanding and sensitivity and associated appeasement will bring peace to the ghettos of paris. But nobody can accept unelected forces of violence determining domestic policy. If these groups want to have a say in the government, they have to approach it in the same way everybody else does. They're not to be treated specially, just because they're willing to resort to violence to get their way, they're just criminals.

Many other groups in history have achieved their goals through the democratic way, and denizens or gangs of parisian ghettos cannot be allowed to short circuit the process. Maybe it's not the kind of process their supposed 'culture' embraces, but it's democracy, which trumps culture in importance time and again.

I'm not advocating that nothing be done about the plight of parisian ghettos. I don't really know how bad they are, and perhaps government policy should be changed in their regard. However these policies must be changed through elections, not through intimidation, and it doesn't matter whether these gang members feel 'disenfranchised'. France is a verified democracy.


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