Sunday, November 13, 2005

Torture soup

This is the blogger from whom I initially picked up the notion of explicit versus nonexistant policies on torture.

Have read about it in many other places... and it really is time the US and other western countries really start to take this issue seriously and stop pretending that it doesn't exist. Unfortunately we've never cared before, because what the CIA did abroad, stayed abroad. I have no doubt that the CIA has been using tactics which would fit into many definitions of torture for a long time. They have certainly rendered suspects into torture by other regimes. Congress should demand a full accounting and start treating this issue with some transparency. They should learn exactly what we will be forgoing if we do completely ban 'torture', before we impose that ban.
This is an actual place where the administration could really lead, much as they've done so in beginning to dismantle the support structure for foreign dictatorships within the US government. Maybe this is where McCain wants to lead us. I just hope it's not a knee-jerk reaction by someone to far too intimate an experience with real torture.


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