Monday, December 05, 2005

Breaking through to the other side.

I can score a few points these days with my left-leaning housemates when talking with them about how this administration is the first to put democracy ahead of short term gains at the hands of a dictator. But it's really not enough.
What I think I really need, in order to make significant inroads, is a way to explain to them the magnitude of the problem and risk we are facing. Let them come to their own realization that yes, Bush was wrong... or maybe, just maybe he was spinning the evidence... doing a salesman's job... but that all pales in comparison with doing what is right abroad, and genuinely encouraging the spread of democracy.
How do I convince someone that when it comes down to it, democracy is not just our best weapon, but it's pretty much our only weapon in this struggle? Convince is not the right word. I cannot convince. I can only show them my reasoning. They may choose to convince themselves.


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