Saturday, December 03, 2005

From nothing to Israel in 60 years.

Instead of studying this morning, I spent it reading about various perspectives on the formation of what has become Israel. Many of these were British government papers and opinions varying from the late 1800's through the '48 war.
What I don't see, is any well documented version of the supposed 'palestinian side'. I can certainly read between the lines and see where the authors on the israeli side are meticulously choosing their words to avoid things that are probably facts working against them, but in general, they're well written and easy to follow. The numerous palestinian sites were all laced with incredible amounts of rhetoric and absolutely lopsided hysterical comments. It takes little guessing to know that neither side of this conflict was peopled entirely with angels, so that attitude really doesn't fly.

From what I can tell, the british accounts, while attempting to be equitable to both sides, were just hopelessly misguided. They almost never reference any democratic principles, instead leaving the style of government and guarantees of rights to whoever wins the power struggle.
While we certainly defeated the british, they absolutely failed to learn anything from that defeat.

Over all, one author put it best: Israel is an international affirmative action program for jews. Many people supported this out of general support for the jewish culture... while others supported it out of antisemetism.
But everybody in the world seemed to be quite supportive of this. Even most arabs apparently were, until they realized that they had sold too much of their land too cheaply.

The jewish affirmative action program is still ongoing in Israel. This is implemented in terms of demographic control through segregation through immigration. It's not fair, but the world has thus far felt this affirmative action program to be necessary.


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