Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lieberman vs. Kos

Sometimes I don't quite understand articles posted at the Kos.

Funny thing is that he thinks he's helping Israel out by supporting this "transformation" in the Middle East, when all this war did was replace a secular dictator with an Iran-style Islamic regime and Iranian ally.
I'm not certain how the case can be made that a 'secular dictatorship' is in any way preferable to a 'theocratic democracy'. But I don't want to just make that allegation and leave it hanging. I need to explain.
I have taken it upon faith now that a capitalist democracy is the best system of governance yet invented. It espouses the individual rights of people to choose their government, while allowing them the opportunity to gain personal status and recognition without resorting to violence.
There can be no dictatorship (even the most benevolent true dictatorship imaginable) that even approaches the capacity to govern of a liberal democracy. The beauty of democracy is that it delivers a true mandate from the people. With a mandate of the people, a government can make commitments which the people of the country all should and will abide by. No other form of government can effectively transfer responsibility and liability for its actions to its own people.
When it comes down to it, those who hate the US government hate the people of the US. Those who despise the former regime in Iraq can only legitimately despise the former regime.

If Iraq wants to have mullahs from one sect or another determining laws on how they should run their lives, that is *their* business. The only business of Democracy (whereas in this context Democracy = all real democratic nations) is an obligation to defend the most fundamental rights of the Iraqi people that allow them to choose to change their government.
This would include the right to political association, freedom of speech, and freedom to participate in an elected government.
This is our mission in Iraq. Our mission is not to make a christian-friendly state out of Iraq, or even a shia-friendly state. It is only to guaranty that Iraqis will always have the power to choose their government free from the influence of overwhelming violence.


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