Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Scheer obfuscates

From his Nov 30th article

It's really not much of a suprise that he parted ways with the LA Times:
Amazingly, in Bush's Iraq, just as in Hussein's, you're a victim or a victimizer – often both. The grim ironies of this Darwinist nightmare are everywhere. For example, while the military is defending the use of white phosphorus on the battlefield – "shake and bake" in U.S. military slang – by citing chemical weapons restriction loopholes, it can't look good to the world that one of the human-rights crimes Hussein himself is charged with is – you guessed it – shelling Kurdish rebels and civilians with chemical weapons in 1991.
He is comparing the gassing of populated villages with mustard gas among other WMDs, to using white phosphorous rounds to 'smoke out' insurgents. It's highly unlikely that US forces killed mor e than a few people in this fashion, while Saddam's atrocities are exactly that, atrocities.

There really is no comparison to make here. Forces in Fallujah were not exercising collective punishment, a favored tactic in the Saddam regime.
The lack of parallel is quite striking. I'm guessing this obfuscation is disingenuous by nature.


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