Thursday, January 26, 2006

Acts of war

I'm wondering how broadcasting Bin Laden et. al.'s tapes is not an act of war. We've got media outlets around the world (not just Al Jazeera) broadcasting his propaganda, and we're really doing nothing about it.
I don't people mind reporting on the facts, and telling us that Bin Laden released a propaganda tape to prove he was alive and threaten us with more attacks, but many foreign news agencies ran his propaganda footage directly.
This was unacceptable in WWII, but for some reason now it's okay? We even accept it from our supposed allies such as Qatar?
It gives the appearance that we are not serious about winning this conflict.
Somehow we've hamstrung ourselves with political correctness and moral relativism to the point of thinking that freedom of expression for foreign terrorists is as important as our own survival.
Screw that, I'd demand Al Jazeera change its ways or be dismantled, on threat of declaring Qatar an enemy, regardless of their previous status.

It's amazing that in many ways, the US still isn't taking this threat seriously. It's like we've gone back to feeling invulnerable, as though islamic terrorism only affects *other* people.


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