Sunday, January 29, 2006


So... I think we need to (in order)
1) recognize Palestine as a state, with borders that represent today's situation.
2) call on Palestine to cease its attacks against Israel
3) remove US funding for Palestine
4) push through UN sanctions against Palestine

This assumes that Hamas refuses to come to drop its bid for violent destruction of Israel.
Within a few years, either Hamas will relent, or the palestinian people will see that Hamas is only making their lives worse, and the elections will go another way.

I think this formulation, while not speedy, is the only logical course of action.
Do I like Hamas? Absolutely not.
But is democracy more important than keeping members of Hamas out of the Palestinian government? Yes.
Democracy will start to solve the problem in due time. Removing Hamas will only delay the start of the solution.
It's not like there's some simple and easy solution to this problem. This has to play out over time and through democratic trial and error.


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