Sunday, January 29, 2006

Will wiretapping split the democrats?

So on this wiretapping issue, I think there's a possibility of the Democrats hanging themselves on this one.
First off, nobody has denied that the administration did not inform many congressional leaders of their plans for warrantless wiretapping. Now, the left wants to make it a public and partisan issue, being that they've picked up the smell of blood.
The problem is, any congressional democrat who was informed, is going to be pressured to produce evidence that they objected to this warrantless wiretapping when they were informed of it, or they will be run across the hot coals by daily kos et al.
On the other side, conservatives are going to give their representitives generous leeway on this issue, as they can hide behind the whole 'give bush the benefit of the doubt that he's doing the right thing'.
In essence, this presents a much higher likelihood that the democratic party will suffer schisms over this than the republicans.

This doesn't mean that the left should stop pursuing these issues, but rather, they have to be more focused and pursue these issues in an extremely non-partisan way. If they start saying "It's Karl Rove, republicans, and the Bush gestapo", well, they're going to start roping some of their own in on that... splitting the democrats before the next election.


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