Friday, February 10, 2006

Just because we can't prove it, doesn't disprove it!

Posting this in response to an alarmist message I received, warning about the impending global warming disaster. What I do not accept is that rationale "We can't prove there wont be a catastrophe, therefor we must presume there will be one.."

We're looking at a ~2000 year snapshot of an incredibly complex system that's a few billion years old and that our immediate livelihood and wellbeing depend on. And we keep pushing it like it has never been pushed before - all the while claiming that because we don't understand the system, it's ok to continue current behavior. How is that smart?

Sorry, burden of evidence is upon the doomsaryer here. You are the person who wants to remove people's livelihoods. In order to do that, you had better get a case more convincing than: "How is this smart?"
Don't demean your opposition just because you don't understand them or their arguments. Obviously *everybody* doesn't want a global catastrophe to occur, but on the one hand, we have people who want to make incredible sacrifices based on an argument bound in the faith of 'progress is bad' and if we wait, we loose, and on the other, we have a 'wait for better data' approach.
If the threat were actually as clear as the doomsayers want it to be, it wouldn't be a contentious issue. You'd be able to get *real* groups of scientists working on the problem and providing solutions, rather than this 'environmental activists wrapped in lab coats' group called the supposed 'Union of Concerned Scientists'. (Which would be more accurately labelled Union of Partisan Activists)


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