Monday, March 13, 2006

Evaluating sources, legal letter.

Just wanted to evaluate their sources.

Beth Nolan: white house counsel, Clinton administration
Lawrence Tribe: Harvard law school
Curtis Bradley: Duke law
David Cole: Georgetown law
Geoffrey Stone: University of Chicago law
Harold Koh: Yale law
Kathleen Sullivan: Standord law
Martin Lederman: Unknown
Phillip Heymann: Harvard law
Richard Epstein: University of Chicago law (libertarian)
Ronald Dworking: legal theoretician
Walter Dellinger: Duke law
William Sessions: Former FBI director
William Van Alstyne: Duke law

Questions which pop up: How unanimous was the support for this? Lawyers are notorious for detail, yet the letter makes quite a broad condemnation.
If the position is that clear, why aren't there hundreds of law proffessors signing onto this letter?


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