Saturday, March 11, 2006

Misunderstanding Iran
Re: the article: Like Cuba, Iran is a thorn pricking America

The author suggests America has rebuffed Iranian 'peace overtures', when in fact no such overture has been made. Khatami, Rafsanjani, and Ahmadinejad have never been endowed with the authority to negotiate an end to our cold war on Iran's behalf. Iran is a dictatorship run by a clerical head of state who does not meet with foreign heads of state. As such, the rest of the world's diplomatic options with Iran are severely limited.
As an example of how the supposed 'elected iranian government' is incapable of diplomacy, even the Iranian parliament was kept in the dark about their own nuclear program. When Iranian "pseudo-elected" officials claim their nuclear program is for civilian or commercial purposes, they really have no way of knowing whether what they are saying is true.
If Khameni were to actually meet with Blair or Merkel, we could then deal with Iran as we are forced to deal with other dictatorships, held at an arm's length and with a suspicious eye. Until at least that point, we can have no diplomatic relations.

Most persians do not want this theocracy to remain, but there are few with the power to stand up to it. I think the $85m designated to promote democracy in Iran will foster a better understanding of exactly what the persians have been missing since their revolution was hijacked by this theocracy.

And shame on the author for selling out promotion of democracy as "subverting the Iranian gov't". The Iranian theocracy has no mandate from the persian people to even exist, let alone claim some right to govern without interference. As an editorialist, it serves no purpose for the author to attempt to mislead people by such falisifications in presenting the Iranian government as legitimate.

We should support the persian people in removing this theocracy and establishing a democracy as best as we can, whenever and wherever they choose. It is our obligation as free people, and we have to have faith that the persian people can succeed in this endeavor. I think this article subverts that idea, intentionally or otherwise.


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