Monday, April 24, 2006

Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Democracy

Probably the most interesting point:
"He also inveighed against the Palestinians' Hamas-led Government for breaking what he said was a taboo against "joining infidel assemblies" and entering Parliament."

The point here is that islamic movements, according to Bin Laden and the Muslim Brotherhood are not democratic institutions and should not participate in any kind of democracy, as to be part of a democracy is to put man's law over god's law.
As to "Whose god?" Obviously "their's".... whomever "they" happen to be.
I'm certain this is clear and obvious if you share the mental defects Bin Laden has... to me it's just consistency taken to the point of stupidity.

---- UPDATE, someone claimed that "Bin Laden hates democracy" was news to me ----
No, that Bin Laden is against democracy was not news to me. That he would so willingly sacrafice a potential ally in terror and islamification of the world (Hamas), merely because it participated in a democracy, is what is new. It's not unexpected, it's just poor tactics. I would have expected him just not to mention it because it reflects badly on his movement, much like he didn't mention Iraq.


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