Friday, April 28, 2006

Iran says 'Bite Me' to UNSC

So... Madnejad & Khamenei have basically said 'screw you' to the UN. While they're pretty much right in their analysis of the UN being completely ineffectual in the past, it is quite a significant departure from Saddam's previous lines.
Where Madnejad & co. say 'screw you' while doing nothing to comply, Saddam previously said 'I am doing everything humanly possible to comply with your wishes' while also doing nothing to comply.
Though the message is the same, the tenor is quite different.
Now, after the complete bypassing of the UN in both Afghanistan and Iraq, at least the bureaucracy of the UN may still wish to remain in some way relevant.
I think there's a long shot in odds that the UN itself may end up doing something about this. Yeah, I know they've never done anything before, but their irrelevance has never been so openly and clearly stated before either. Whereas Saddam was just humoring them, Madnejad is attempting to provoke them.


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