Saturday, April 29, 2006

More on Iran

I wonder what people think the west could possibly give the mullahs that would stop them from developing nukes, other than nukes themselves.
Without any incentive, all we've got is Ahmadinejad saying: "We're building nukes, whatchya gonna do about it, huh?"
They don't want money, and we're not going to give them additional territory.

This pretty clearly identifies my problem with the 'diplomatic' efforts going on right now. The basic conversation is going:
France: "Stop building nukes..."
Iran: "No"
France: "How much money do you want in order to convince you to stop building nukes."
Iran: "We are not going to stop building nukes."
Germany: "You need to stop building nukes."
Iran: "No"
UK: "Please stop building nukes right now."
Iran: "No"
Russia: "You are making it very inconvenient for us by continuing to build nukes, please stop."
Iran: "Uhh.. no"
China: "We like your oil, but could you please stop building nukes?"
Iran: "No"
UN: "Please stop building nukes."
Iran: "Or else what?"
UN: "Or we'll be very angry and ask you to stop building nukes again."

There is *no* actual negotiation going on right now, and there hasn't been any substantive negotiations going on for over four years. They've been asking the same questions, and Iran's been responding with the same answers.
Iran has been always consistent about their intentions, so I don't know why the west is failing so miserably to understand them. IMHO the west should either do something about it though sanctions or whatever, or accept Iran as a nuclear armed state. This red herring about negotiations is just wasting time, money, and attention which could be focused elsewhere.

Personally, I'm almost ambivalent over Iran having nukes. While they are a threat to us, they're much more of a threat to Iran itself, so if they want to play with fire, part of me says let them blow themselves up. Their people are the ones who are going to be hurt, as they are not willing to stand up to their own government.
I certainly don't wish anybody to be hurt over this, but I'm just really frustrated at the failure of international politics to deal with this issue. If Iran wasn't sitting on huge oil reserves, Russia and China would have voted for sanctions long ago and the regime in Iran would have backed down. But that all doesn't matter, because Iran *is* sitting on top of huge oil reserves.


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