Friday, April 28, 2006

The trouble with Iran is not just Iran

Conventional wisdom is a) Iran is going to get nukes, b) they are pretty much sane enough not to use them, and c) they are not likely to provide such to terrorist organizations.
The myopia of these claims comes from a focus on Iran which is far too tight. The reason we must oppose a nuclearized Iran, is to prevent general proliferation within the middle east.
Without this, we face a return of the cold war. But this cold war will not be two superpowers competing for supremacy in the world, it will be eight dictatorships on the lunatic fringe of the international community, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Syria, Jordan, and others.
The threat is not just the mullahs in Iran, as dangerous as they may be, but the dramatic nuclear escalation promoted by such actions.

The precipice upon which we now stand is one of deciding whether nuclearization of the middle east should be contained through conventional force of arms. This is not only about policy regarding Iran.


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