Tuesday, May 02, 2006


This quote from the DK

"I'd like to know which jokes, in particular, Hoyer thought were in bad taste. Colbert, like many of us, is crashing the gate in DC. The natives, not used to getting more than Jay Leno-style good-natured ribbing, don't like it when one of their own gets a serious dose of reality."

See... these guys just *loved* the way Colbert was really 'sticking it to the man/media', regardless of whether this was accurate or happened to be one of the best possible career moves he could have made.
I just really can't stand that attitude of 'oh, you showed him!', like as though an appropriate way to influence people and change their attitudes is to throw a bucket of water over their heads. This is the same criticism I have of the so-called 'Speak truth to power' bullshit.

I understand that these guys are frustrated at not having the government do what they want it to do, but the solution is to write clear, intelligent articles without lame, naked attempts at rhetoric or persuasion. The solution is to work hard, make money, and get elected, not sing songs and chant with naked chicks.

You don't convert people by telling them they're stupid. For one, they're probably just as smart as you are. For two, nobody should accept such childish criticism from anybody.

What Colbert was basically (wrongly, but popularly) telling the press was exactly what Kerry told me all during 2004. "You are stupid and wrong, but I can tell you how to make it all better because I am smart and right." He may have thought he was 'speaking truth to power', but in fact, he was just practicing name-calling (or the art of guilt by generalized accusation, if you will).

Though I would hope Colbert's career would be harmed by this, it's just one of those infinitely unpredictable details of economics and psychology that it probably won't. Either way, he really showed them all... showed them what and ass he can be. Might as well have just hopped up on the podium, dropped trou, and taken a massive dump on the microphone. :-)


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