Monday, June 26, 2006

Dems are still in trouble

It's amazing that they don't distinguish between a congressionally mandated retreat and an operational decision to reduce forces.
Nobody on the republican side is saying we're going to stay in Iraq indefinitely. What they're not going to do, is pull troops out until Iraq is prepared to take care of itself. Democrats were not asking for a pull out in such a case, but rather a mandated timetable on a pullout, regardless of Iraqi capabilities.
That is pretty accurately described as 'cut and run'.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kos vs. Democratic Party

They eat their own... man.. I read the guy's article about this issue, and he took great steps to make it clear that he still held Kos & Co. in a favorable light overall, but he just didn't agree with this one issue. I think there's some level of bi-polar work going on here, whether it's a personal or group psychological effect. This is basically what's happened with Lieberman... from VP candidate to having his own supporters trying to bring him down over predominantly one issue.
(I can guarranty you that if Lieberman opposed our actions in Iraq, Kos would leave him absolutely alone, regardless of any other trumped up disagreements.)

Lefty bloggers are trying to make the democratic party absolutely inhospitable for anybody who moderately supports either the war in Iraq or the Bush administration. If they get their way, the democrats will certainly lose.
That said, moderate disapproval of the war is quite acceptable within the republican party.

You know who will suffer for the actions of Kos & Co.? Us.. when we have another republican controlled congress and another Bush in the whitehouse in '08. Democracy needs a diversity of opinions running the country. It's the responsibility of politicians on both sides to make or keep themselves relevant.