Monday, September 11, 2006

Did Bush 'lie', or are we lying to ourselves?

Analysis of an "Iraqi detractor" given screen time on MSNBC.

I don't get it... I didn't think Saddam had really anything to do with 9/11. I didn't think Saddam had very much to do with Al Qaeda either. I didn't think Saddam had a significant stockpile of WMDs, yet I found all the other reasons for invading quite compelling both before invasion and now.
The whole Saddam/Al Qaeda connection was generally appropriately couched in intelligence obfuscatory wording... basically, you could apply the same quotations to a lot of other governments, so it's not really significant. There were times, however, when Bush' wording on WMDs made me wince.

That said, I don't know anybody who a) thought Saddam was privy to any important Al Qaeda information, or b) had a significant stockpile of WMDs.
So I ask, why are people who claim they were 'lied' to so pissed off, when they didn't believe such statements in the first place? It's not like *they* were betrayed. I don't know anybody... *anybody*, who says "Well, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, being commander in chief, and now I feel betrayed." Might as well tack on a "... because I was to lazy or stupid to pick up a god damn book, read the *first* thing about our enemies, and realize that there's zero probability that Saddam had any knowledge of the 9/11 attacks."
Seriously... I know a lot of people who just weren't interested, and didn't care much... but they're not going off all the time now about how terrible it is that *they* feel like they were lied to.

As much as we like to feel like we're the center of the world, and that what we do wrong or right dramatically affects the rest of the world in some mysterious way, it doesn't. The jihadists with whom we are at war, don't give a shit what we say or do, unless it's a mass conversion to islam and complete submission to *them*. There are going to be more of them whether we invade another middle eastern country or not. There are going to be more of them whether Bush is an idiot or not. And there are going to be more of them whether we divide this country in half in a war of who said what and when and why, or not.

I don't understand what the problem of this picture is. Why is America still blind to this massive threat? Why haven't we bound ourselves together and beat the shit out of our enemies first, before turning on each other? We should have republicans and democrats competing to show us how aggressively they'll wage war upon this sick ideology if elected, rather than trying to prove how sensitive they are to the feelings of muslims around the world. I guess the only conclusion that may eventually be drawn, is that a capitalist democracy may be an inferior form of government to an islamic theocracy, in that it cannot bind its people together to recognize an existential threat.


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