Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fixing what isn't broken.,0,1173986.column?coll=la-opinion-columnists

I just stumble across lines like these, and it makes it extremely difficult to continue reading:
-- Right after 9/11, America had the world's sympathy. Since then, anti-U.S. sentiment has increased sharply.

First off, the world's sympathy doesn't do *anything* to protect us against our enemies. The US has never relied on the sympathy of diletantes and dictators before, and it never will.

-- Militant Islam used to be a "niche ideology," ... But today, thanks to the invasion of Iraq and the Bush administration's nasty little habit of torturing detainees, militant Islam is an ideology with millions of adherents

Uhh.. yes.. hard core "militant" islam used to be a niche ideology, but that was much further back, around 700AD. Radical islam (or somewhat justifiably called 'real islam') drove the Soviets out of Afghanistan (with Pakistani help), pushed the russians out of Chechnya, launched several wars against Israel, and more. At every turn, the appropriate leaders have told us exactly what their plans are, to re-establish the greater islamic nation encompassing all muslims.
This is nothing new. Even the muslim brotherhood, the forerunner and brother organization to many islamic terrorist groups started close to a hundred years ago.

-- (talk of torture by Bush admin)... Do we think this is going to win any hearts and minds in the Islamic world?

Again, the US should not, and hopefully will not place the security of our country in the hands of foreign powers, and *definitely* not the "Islamic World". We can only bargain with such aggressive powers from a position of strength. That's the way the US always has approached conflicts in the past.

-- We went to war in Iraq because Iraq, like Mt. Everest, was there. And we approached the Iraq war as if it were 1941, not 2003. We had a fine plan for pummeling the Republican Guard, taking Baghdad and ousting Saddam Hussein — but no plan for preventing postwar Iraq from deteriorating into civil war or becoming a terrorist training ground.

I think I need to inform the author of the reasons we invaded Iraq. It's amazing that she has failed to inform herself of them in the entire three year time span. We don't have plans for post-war whatever? I'm sure the plans were there, and that they currently are being implemented. I think expecting things to be settled and quiet within three years of the overthrow of a dictator who's been in power for 30 years is a bit ambitious.

-- No, Mr. President, I'm not feeling safer. The administration's war planners are yesterday's men: They talk tough, but they never learned the lessons of Vietnam, much less the lessons of 9/11.

I'm not certain what 'lesson' the author supposes we should have 'learned' in Vietnam? Not to interfere in other people's affairs? Whatever happens in your neighbor's house is his business, whether it results in women with black eyes or not? The hippies will try their best to stop you from finishing the job you started?


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