Thursday, December 14, 2006

The unreported problem of holocaust denial

Yes, there is the unimaginable desecration of the memory of those who died in WWII, both combat, civilian, and jew. In effect, holocaust deniers are casting aspersions at the allied forces which liberated German death camps following WWII.
On a much larger scale, holocaust deniers are attempting to subvert the gains in moral stature made by America when it selflessly sent its troops overseas to fight a war on foreign soil, sacraficing almost half a million soldiers to stop the spread of fascism and put an end to the death camps and other atrocities being perpetrated by the Nazis.
The goal of holocaust denial, on its public face, is to undermine Israel. But the effective result should the deniers triumph, intended or otherwise, is to undermine America's resolve to fight for its liberties and the liberties of others.
Of the 20th century conflicts, WWII is the only conflict for which Americans consistently remain proud. Pushing the holocaust into the memory hole will go a long way towards eliminating any evidence of anything good ever having come about through American sacrafice for freedom.
The next stop on this path, for those revisionists, would be the civil and revolutionary war.


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