Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kerry on a foreign rampage

What's more sketchy about Kerry's European traipsing is how familiar it sounds. This reminds me quite a bit of his non-dept-of-state meetings with Vietnamese communists in Europe during the Vietnam war.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Kerry is *trying* to harm America. I think he believes that he's smarter than he actually is, and that he is effectively advocating for a 'separate peace' between our enemies and the left, by saying "hey, it's not my country, Bush and the republicans are causing the problems".

Whether he thinks that's true or not, he shouldn't be saying that to either our supposed allies or our enemies, both of which were in attendance in various forms.

I think this comes down to a serious difference in viewpoint.

By electing the US government, the American people as a whole are fully responsible for the actions of that government.
Foreign powers cannot pick and choose. If they hate the US government, they hate the American people. Obviously Ahmadinejad & Khamenei don't understand this, considering their many overtures and claimed attempts to split the American people from its government. This is similarly opaque to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, who thinks he can break the people from democracy by offering cheap heating oil to people in the north east.

They don't understand this because it is *always* possible to separate a dictator from the people he rules. They are merely attempting the same tactics that others use to target them, without realizing how asymmetrical the situation is. We didn't invade Iraq to kill Iraqis, we invaded to remove Saddam. In a dictatorship, there is no acceptance of liability by the people for the actions of the government. In that case, one can actually dislike or hate a government, without disliking or hating the people controlled by that government.

I think it will be a long time before the dictatorship world will learn that they cannot hate the US government without hating the people of the US. I think the reason for this slow learning curve is simple. They're dictators. You don't get to be dictator by being smart, you get to be dictator by being brutal and mastering deception.

I'm not going to argue about a definition of 'smart' here, suffice it to say that I'm using this word in a certain context.


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