Tuesday, February 20, 2007

we all knew it wasn't going to last...


No mention of 'islamists', they probably don't want to be tainted by 'islamophobitry' accusations.


and of course, neither would chron.

They mention that the insurgency occurred after ethiopean-backed forces drove out the islamic courts group, but are being very careful to portray these 'insurgents' as some sort of mystery group. Here's one that *almost* claims the former islamic government is responsible for the attacks on government positions...

It's a pattern the same as Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines, Thailand and anywhere else where islam is on the rise. The formula is pretty simple, but not necessarily in this order:
- establish islamic state
- when pushed out, retreat
- when not in power, turn the place into a bloody hell hole
- when in power, ruthlessly beat down any opposition or violence
- convince everybody that only Islam can provide peace

It's as transparent as a freakin children's comic book, but nobody cares.


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