Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tempering chocolate

I'm following up on comments related to this thread.

Turns out tempering chocolate is non-trivial... at the same time, it's not too difficult either.
Melt (people recommend 105F), stir, keep occasionally adding diced bits of properly tempered chocolate (small bits of chocolate that you didn't melt), keep stirring... stir until it's under 88 degrees Fahrenheit... I'd keep going until you're afraid it's too thick to mold.... *then* pour/paste into the mold.

The difference is noted here. Two pictures, one has shiny, brittle chocolate that looks/feels like you'd expect from a molded chocolate whatever... the other is flat dull, has the consistency of a paste of hardened frosting, and does not really hold a shape at all.

I melted by turning my oven on 'bake' with the temperature gauge on 'off'. Then I slowly turned the gauge up until I heard the very first 'click', at which point I knew the oven was on. My estimate from a thermometer in the oven was that it would go from 100F to 150F... neither of which is really too hot to melt chocolate. I put a big pizza stone in the oven with it to hopefully help regulate the heat cycles (or at least increase their amplitude).


At 9:07 PM , Anonymous inamra said...

I'm making a chocolate bunny myself! Thanks for the helpful post!

At 11:11 PM , Anonymous inamra said...

Hey, I'd like to see pictures of your chocolate bunny, if you're willing to share!

At 2:15 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Yea I would like to see the Bunny please.


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