Thursday, August 20, 2009

tips for housebreaking puppies

1) punishment has unpredictable results... even if you catch them in the act.
2) corrective actions work *very* well... for example, puppy looks like it will need to pee... take it outside or put it on pee pad.
3) crate crate crate - for the first 3-5 months.. puppies need to *always* be in crates unless it's been less than about 20 minutes since they last did the full double potty duty.... that's *zero* minutes if they've recently eaten. Puppies don't want to pee in their crates (provided the crates are small enough that they can only turn around).
4) puppies have to go *constantly*... and the trick is to always anticipate when they will need to pee and *always* get them where they need to be to pee by the time they need to...

the rest is just magic... consistently getting them to where they need to potty shows them how to do it.. and once they learn to do it.. they don't want to do it any other way.


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