Tuesday, December 29, 2009

some people are just so far out to lunch

You see, the problem of Iranian nukes needs a concerted diplomatic effort backed up by the threat of sanctions.
This guy is just so high on crack I can't see how he can possibly write full sentences.
There is absolutely no way China and Russia are going to support meaningful sanctions (stopping oil) on Iran.
And even if they did, the financial incentives are so enormous that black market deals would be almost guaranteed to render the whole effort useless, like it was with Saddam.
The 'West' has gone the 'diplomacy and sanctions' route for 10+ years now and gotten absolutely nowhere. This route is merely the 'wait until they get the bomb' route with added western complaining.... nothing more.
If there was a will to stop this travesty from happening, it would've been done ten years ago.
I can't believe this trash gets to print, even from a brittish MP.



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