Monday, January 25, 2010

does ATT hold time depend on function?

Hmm.. average hold time... ten minutes.. I'm waiting on 25 minutes... is this because I told the automated guy that I am planning on disconnecting?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Google v. China

I kinda disagree with this article.... but I kinda disagree with the Bush/Clinton line that trade will just magically open up China.
I would put it more as a matter of trade being like handing China the rope with which it will hang itself.

I'm sure I've harassed you before with my personal opinion that trade with China will develop a domestic bubble there that will put all our bubbles to shame...

*but*... leading China's government to hang itself isn't done by endorsing their policies of repression, such as what Google and Yahoo have previously been doing. Buy their cheap stuff... outsource outsource... that's all fine... but none of us should have a direct hand in their repression like Google. We need to keep a degree of separation between our economic interests and the chinese government's repression of its people.

yes... buying "Made in China" does indirectly support the regime, but the level of indirection is acceptable... This isn't arbitrary... buying "Made in China" helps the chinese people demand more freedom. Censoring the internet in china does the opposite, and provides a bad example of how companies should interface with totalitarian regimes.

My opinion is that the more we directly assist the chinese government in oppressing its people, the more violent the eventual change of regime.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

these toes may need a stepping on

"If the US participates in an attack on Al Qaeda within Yemen, we'll side with Al Qaeda." that's what these muslim religious leaders are really saying.
They're wrapping it up as a "no foreigners" message, but many of these Al Qaeda people they don't particularly mind having in Yemen are indeed foreigners.
It is a pretty inescapable conclusion from this that these muslim leaders believe Al Qaeda is a legitimate islamic movement. If they didn't, having Al Qaeda operating in Yemen would be pretty much indistinguishable from having US forces in Yemen.
At this point, I think it behooves us to pick a fight with these guys ... *while they're still in Yemen*.

These guys *do* have every right to participate in their local governance without our interference. But they do not have the right to play host to terrorists who are attacking the US from within their borders.

This really isn't about the Yemeni government and the US, this is about the people of Yemen and the US.

It may still make sense to keep our actual soldiers out of it, if the government there really can deal with the situation fairly. But if they're going to go on some murderous Saddam-style purge of their political opponents with our assistance, I'd rather have our forces in there doing the work right.

I think these clerics are really trying to implicitly support Al Qaeda, while attempting to appear mainstream. They've got toes that need to be stepped on right now, so that they mobilize all the idiots that might one day come after us, while they're all still in Yemen and we can bring our military strength to bear on them.

It is my hope that if US forces were necessary in the Yemen conflict, that the people of Yemen would see them for the assistance in driving out Al Qaeda that they are, and ignore the calls of these asinine 'clerics' to fight them.

But I guess the point is, if there is a threat "we're going to attack you", we should act like any rational actor in attempting to preserve ourselves... ie, press our advantage(s) while we still have them. If our massive military technology advantage is outdone by some new technology next year or next decade, we'll be at the mercy of those we could have stopped if we had acted. This isn't a matter of "take it because you can", it's a matter of "take it because its stated objective and intent is to kill you".