Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Google v. China

I kinda disagree with this article.... but I kinda disagree with the Bush/Clinton line that trade will just magically open up China.
I would put it more as a matter of trade being like handing China the rope with which it will hang itself.

I'm sure I've harassed you before with my personal opinion that trade with China will develop a domestic bubble there that will put all our bubbles to shame...


*but*... leading China's government to hang itself isn't done by endorsing their policies of repression, such as what Google and Yahoo have previously been doing. Buy their cheap stuff... outsource outsource... that's all fine... but none of us should have a direct hand in their repression like Google. We need to keep a degree of separation between our economic interests and the chinese government's repression of its people.

yes... buying "Made in China" does indirectly support the regime, but the level of indirection is acceptable... This isn't arbitrary... buying "Made in China" helps the chinese people demand more freedom. Censoring the internet in china does the opposite, and provides a bad example of how companies should interface with totalitarian regimes.

My opinion is that the more we directly assist the chinese government in oppressing its people, the more violent the eventual change of regime.


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