Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apple's silliness.

Dunno... I read Jobs' letter... basically he lays it out as being to Apple's competitive advantage not to allow 3rd party software development tools on their platform.
I don't know why he bothered to write the letter, because that's what all the pundits are saying already.

The best part:

Flash was designed for PCs using mice, not for touch screens using fingers. For example, many Flash websites rely on "rollovers", which pop up menus or other elements when the mouse arrow hovers over a specific spot. Apple's revolutionary multi-touch interface doesn't use a mouse, and there is no concept of a rollover. Most Flash websites will need to be rewritten to support touch-based devices. If developers need to rewrite their Flash websites, why not use modern technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript?

Yes indeed, People's Commissar Jobs. I see no reason why developers shouldn't rewrite all their flash programs in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript either! The Committee has decided that your "mouse drawback" requires the forfeiture of all 3rd party software development tools. It is good of you to begin enforcement of this on behalf of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Cupertino.

Seriously... I can't see how he can expect anybody to buy this crap as though it's some sort of objective opinion. We may all agree that HTML5/CSS/JavaScript *is* better than flash (I think I agree with that at least), but on platforms outside of Apple there is room for a difference of opinion on what's the best way to develop software.

I guess I really dislike it when somebody writes an article from a supposedly objective viewpoint even though he/she has an *enormous* conflict of interest. And it still annoys me even when they acknowledge the conflict of interest (which Jobs doesn't). If Apple needed the market share, Flash would be on the iPhone tomorrow. Jobs should just shut up and let the other people write the opinion crap.

Anybody wanna start writing an objective C compiler/engine for android? Put that out and I'm guessing there will be a convenient new clause added to the Apple developer license. :)


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